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I’m Isabelle Sakelaris. I love winter, mountains, hand-written letters, and the new pictures of Pluto (2015). I’m happiest when I’m outside, especially hiking. I have a twin brother, Bennet. We’re fraternal (I feel this is important to note because people ask all the time. In fact, someone once asked me if we were identical or nocturnal, which I found very amusing).

I’m from Detroit, which really isn’t as scary as it’s made out to be. In the summer I work at a sleep-away camp in Croswell, Michigan called Black River. I also train horses and teach riding lessons. I love Michigan for its icy blue lakes and expansive skies.

Last semester my Art History professor said that he never felt alone in an art museum because he had friends on the walls. I feel the same way about art (including literature), which is why I plan to double major in English and Art History.

IJS Davidson Resume

Vocal Resume

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