The ENG220 class, or Literary Analysis is “designed for majors. Emphasizes theoretical approaches and critical strategies for the written analysis of poetry, fiction, and drama and/or film. Writing intensive. Required for the major” (Churchill, Fox). In this class, students are encouraged to find their own literary and artistic voices while cultivating technical skill in reading, writing, and analyzing text. We wrote three main types of posts: conversation posts, synthesis posts, and audits. The conversation posts were meant to make us comfortable with the format and help us engage with each other. The post on the home page of this site is lifted directly from my “About Me” post on our class website. The Synthesis posts were our essays and other academic works, from story maps to poem explications. Those posts are linked below. The audits, finally, were comments that we left on each other’s posts. This was done using the NO SWEAT method, which requires one strength, one thing to work on, and one thing to think about. Please feel free to leave comments on my work or contact me with any suggestions for improvement. On this site, you will find some of my work from ENG220 as well as other essays, poems, and works of art that I have created out of the context of class (though often inspired by the things I’ve learned in it).


Class website

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